The Night Gardener

The Night Gardener.

by Jonathan Auxier

The Night Gardener is a horror about two young siblings. Molly and her brother Kip. The duo are from Ireland, where they flew the potato famine. On the way the ship on which the two siblings and their family are sailing on got caught in a storm. Molly and Kips parents, hurry them onboard a life boat which ferry them away. While their parents stay abored the sinking vessel.

When Molly and Kip reached the main land they were lost in a strange country with no parents little to no money and with only one thing to hope for. A certain house of which they hope to acquire work. They set out and eventually make their way to the house. However, when they get there, they get a little more than they bargained for. The family welcomed them into their service and Molly and her brother began their work for the Windsor family.

As they begin their new lives and new job they begin to notice strange and odd happenings. The family they serve is weak of health and getting sicker by the day. Molly and kip themselves begin to notice changes in their own appearances and health and everything is coming together to show something fishy is going on.

At night a strange horribly gruesome man wanders the house. Going into each and every room of the family. And then going out to the large mangled tree in the yard.

Molly and Kip try to piece it all together while at the same time trying to stay alive. But one thing is for certain. It all seems to lead to one thing. The Night Gardeners Tree.

The Night Gardener is a good book for those who enjoy suspenseful drama mixed with love and caring even for those we have just met.