The Rat Prince. By Bridget Hodder.

When you hear the tale of Cinderella, do you ever wonder about the rats who were turned into coachmen by her fairy godmother? No? Then take a moment to consider. For there’s more to the tale of Cinderella than has yet been revealed. Now settle yourselves down, and be sure you’ve plenty of provisions upon which to nibble, for you are about to hear the true story from Cinderalla herself… and from me.

My name is Char. In former days they called me… The Rat Prince. 

The Rat prince. From the title, you might immediately place it back on the shelf. Or even make a face of disgust, and I’m sure many would agree. But, don’t judge this book by its cover. The Rat Prince is a wondrous fantasy, filled with, love, hope, endurance, kindness, drama, and believe it or not, a murder mystery.

You, of course, when you think of the prince that marries Cinderella, you imagine the handsome brave prince at the ball. But what if Cinderella’s prince was there all along. What if he was living, right, under, the floorboards.

What if that prince… wasn’t a human. What if somehow. Through the mystical, magical, medaling of a certain… fairy godmother… did The Rat Prince, meet, Cinderella?

Abigail Radman.