White as Snow

Today we had to euthanize one of our two remaining pet rats.  Her name was Ms. Bianca aka Snowball.  I’m pretty sure that you can figure out why such names were chosen.  Ok, I’ll tell you she was all white.  Snowball was the sweetest, calmest and most gentle rat that we have owned.  She sadly began to develop tumors that growing to the point that it was making it very difficult for her to get around and eat.  Even though her tumors were probably sapping her almost that is required to live she remained a lovely rat and would even work up the energy to groom your hand while holding her.  She will be greatly missed by our family along with her remaining rat pal Tulip.

If you are ever in the position to be decide on a pet for yourself and your family.  May I suggest that you look at the rat.  They are the most fun and social critters that I have had the privilege of owning.  God’s creation is so beautiful and I am so thankful that I’ve been able to enjoy some of His creation close up.

I wish that death was not apart of this world that we live in.  Unfortunately sin brought with it the curse of death, broken relationship with our creator and broken relationships with each other, along with mistrust and destruction of God’s beautiful creation.  Fortunately there is light.  God’s perfect sinless son Jesus Christ.  Not only can we be rescued from eternal death, but our relationship with others can be restored in the light of God’s forgiveness and love of us.  When it was time to bury snowball I grabbed a few of the coffee filter snowflakes that we had made to place over her.  I look forward to the day when we all (all of God’s creation) will together sing praises to our God.




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