Lost Somewhere Crafting

Hello out there.  I’m going to try to write/post something at least once a month, so I better get a post up before March arrives.  I’ve been lugging through life as far as getting through our daily routine of homeschooling the basic necessities and maybe accomplishing some very little household chores.  I feel like every time I clean something its cleanliness lasts for a fleeting moment. Then my children and our animals take over like little tornadoes and undo what I’ve just done.  I’ve been on the verge of throwing in the towel ha ha.  There is always Piano lessons on Wednesdays, which is just enough to motivate me to do some cleaning.  Instead of the disappointing task of cleaning and never ending loads of laundry and dishes I tend to get lost in my world of crafting something.  Thankfully my position as one of the Catechists at our church allows me to use my love for all things crafty and creative.  And so far I think Reverend Anne Kennedy has approved of several of the items that I have created for use in the Vineyard.  I’ve also been busy making bunches of beautiful bags that I occasionally make to give as a gift.  Most of the beautiful bags that I have made have gone to their recipients before I had the thought/chance to photograph them.  I have three remaining that I decided to take a photo of and share with ya’ll today.  I think in total I have made….maybe 15.

In case you didn’t know Ash Wednesday is coming up on March 1st, which means the beginning of Lent, which also means that if you are really holy you do something great like give up something and submit yourself to greater amounts of time studying God’s word and prayer.  I unfortunately like most things that require any amount of discipline, fail.  Thant’s ok though because that’s why My Savior Jesus Christ had to die.  God in the form of man, a man that was able to live a sinless life.

Because I will probably fail (it pretty much assured) I can rest on Jesus’ work on the cross and get up tomorrow hoping and praying for the strength and discipline that I so desperately need to press on.  Maybe you could pray for me too because I will probably fail to fall on my knees before Him asking that He give me the strength and discipline I so desire.  If you would like a good explanation of what Lent is all about check out Reverend Matt Kennedy’s Video here: https://youtu.be/Tg5VGNQTMEA LeavesBagFlowerBag


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